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Welcome to the Rhiannon women's (not only) equestrian fashion page. 

About us
My lifelong love for horses, dresses and a feminine style of dressinginterconnectswith many years of my Mum's sewing practice. We are two women, friends, both Mothers, one of us is already a Grandma. We work on every detail to achieve a perfect result. We test each brand-new piece ourselves and try it on repeatedly, exposing ourselves to regular loads in the stable,
around horses, during everyday wear, and especially during horseback riding.

About Rhiannon

Goddess Rhiannon is an inspiration for artists, poets and royal families. Riding her faithful white horse, she lovingly transfers souls from Earth to the posthumous level of being and helps them to adapt to a changed life after death. People ask her to help them materialize their dreams and communicate with the spirit, to guide them duringlife transitionsandserve asa source ofartistic inspiration. Rhiannon can shapeshift and appear to them as an animal or a song.

If any question arises, please contact me at petra@rhiannonstyle.cz
Thank you very much for your loyalty, we truly appreciate it.

Have a beautiful day Petra and Aška